Various Setting Options You Should Change After Buying Your New TV

Television sets come with default settings at the time when you purchase them. It is important that you change the settings when you buy it. To get the most enjoyable television experience, it is very important to learn about which television settings you need to change.

Why do you need to change default TV settings?

Peeking into the settings of your Sony television, you will see several features with captivating names such as “Live Color” or “Ultra Black”. This is because most of these settings are just marketing gimmicks that are designed to look impressive and make a brand more competitive.

Another reason is that the default TV settings may not necessarily be the best for you. Many of the settings would actually eliminate detail from the picture. It can even lead to artifacts and distortions that can degrade picture quality.  Here are provided a few settings that you need to turn off for viewing the best possible image.

List of settings that are needed to be disabled

Dynamic Contrast: This setting is also called as “Contrast Enhance”. When this setting is on, it can make dark regions darker and bright regions brighter. So, the color of the picture comes loud. It looks like a crush of blacks and whites, thereby lowering the entire detail of the scene. This setting can even lead to color banding artifacts. By switching it off, you will make sure that you get the maximum detail in the image.

Black Tone: This setting makes black regions look even darker and make your television set blacker than it currently is. When this setting is on, then it will make dark gray regions black. This will lead to you to lose detail and so it is best to turn it off.

Black Detail: This setting enhances details in dark regions by brightening them. By lightening dark regions, you are more likely to experience artifacts.

Edge Enhancement: This setting in Xiaomi television makes your image a little sharp. Over sharpening can lead to artifacts around edges. So, in most of the cases, it should be turn off.

Live Color, Flesh Tone and HDR+ Mode: All these settings introduce post-processing that is designed to improve the image color in some manner. Live Color gives a saturated look to an image, HDR+ mode makes standard content appear like HDR. Flesh Tone makes skin pop. Turning these features off will give you the most natural-looking image. is the best online place to get the best available deals in the market. This website helps you search the best price on 1 lakh products from popular brands of electronic products easily.

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The setting that you select for your television set determines the overall image quality that you are going to experience on it. So, in order to improve your television viewing experience, you need to make changes in the default settings of your television.