The best gifts are always saved for the best occasions and celebrating friendship is not just any ordinary occasion. We saved the best recommendations for you to present it to those who take a pride in being the best people of our life. Be it secrets, or life grievances, friends are the only people who patiently lend an ear to our rants and confessions. To gift them ordinary gifts would be unfair, and hence gifts intended for friends must have a touch of uniqueness and funkiness about them, which makes them an immediate piece of love in our friends’ eyes. From a batman shaped audio splitter for watching movies together to a custom painting which is painted by start-ups like Portrait Flip, we have it all figured out and charted them here.

Batman themed audio splitter:

Undergoing adjustments and technological improvements, the splitter now carries a 3.5mm stereo audio splitter cable that connects two stereo speakers, headphones, or microphones to the 3.5 mm stereo jack on any mobile phone or iPod Touch. Now multi-tasking or sharing music through your mobile devices has become exponentially convenient and simple. One simply needs to plug, play, and listen. The batman themed audio splitter eliminates tangling of cords for length up to 5.51 inches. It is able to connect to most devices with 3.5mm auxiliary port (AUX), like MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, computer and many more similar gadgets, to two headphones or speakers, which is a great solution to share cool music, movies and games with your families and friends. With the newly added metal housing this 3.5mm audio splitter extension cable is equipped with premium metal housing, which is different from the ordinary PVC connector in market.

Finding the top audio splitter, unlike custom paintings made easier by Portrait Flip, is definitely a huge consumption of time and boring so we did the hard work for you. Moreover the design is always a desired feature. These batman audio splitters look funky as well as have all the modern perks of an audio splitter.

Custom art:

It is no surprise if a celebrity fan does not have posters of his idol all around the study table and his personal room. Well paintings are equally a nice choice instead of available posters. Celebrity moments and photos are available on the internet, and having them painted is not very difficult. Posters are also painted based on the desired frame sizes of his beloved fan. Or abstract paintings serve as food for thought and the number of hidden meaning one can make out from observing them makes them a very preferred choice of paintings among the masses. Well abstract paintings are no exceptions and most of the leading portals undertake abstract paintings as a part of their job. Or taking a picture of that rare endangered species of birds, taking a selfie close to the tiger’s cages are some of the examples to prove that our fascination for wildlife exceeds most of the other ones.  Alike to the old world, wildlife paintings happen to be a much preferred craze among the modern world. If you could guess it, it is indeed customized art that has been suggested. The very subject of custom art can vary based on the demands of the customer. Imagine how fascinating it is when we take a picture and it can actually be painted and delivered to us. Some of the start-ups like Portrait Flip specialize in such tasks.

Gothic cloak:

Resembling the ancient and medieval outfits which were worn by the people, one can just buy one and affix it in place, either by tying it in place or closing it with a simple hook. The cloaks are fabricated with top quality cloth, making them durable and resistant to wear. Many of the capes, cloaks, and robes are made from fabrics like cotton, velvet, or twill. And since they are available in a variety of medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy themed styles, it is easy to find one that fits the person’s look and need.  Perhaps one of the most striking aspects of a nice cape or cloak is that if you have done your work correctly, a cape can be worn with any common outfit. Readymade cloaks or other custom cloaks (similar to cloaks with custom paintings, and these paintings are made by Portrait Flip) all compliment a knight or warrior in a wonderful manner. Except perhaps a really good cloak or robe, but really, they are all quite similar, so they might as well all count for the same thing. And it is indeed to see that a lot of gift service portals carry a fantastic number of attractive and appealing cloaks, capes, and robes.

One such start-up is Portrait Flip. The process of having a special Portrait Flip painting is to take a photo of the subject that is needed to be painted. The following part is to send them to their online contacts provided at the website. A session of interaction is then followed for the selection of frame size and the style of the painting to be adopted; which are available as oil paintings, water colour paintings, charcoal paintings and plain pencil sketches. Having done with these steps, the painting is delivered to the required customer in exchange for a meagre charge. Their mastery over custom paintings is made much strong from the fact that they paint a diverse variety of subject based paintings.