Two Sexy Beach Wedding Dresses Which Aren’t Conventionally Long

Are you fascinated by the beautiful blue seas with the waves crashing on the shore? Or do you love the golden sunrays sparkling on the beach sands? Then, my dear, you need not look for another wedding venue; you can simply get married on the beach. Beach weddings are incredibly fun and exceptionally beautiful, especially when you take your vows during the sunset. But if the location of your wedding is so exotic, then you should also look equally exquisite. Isn’t it? You should remember that beach weddings are quite romantic and there is a relaxed vibe in the setting. So, you should definitely channel your sea goddess and think of an appropriate wedding dress that will make you sparkle like the sands of the shore.

And since we all know that beach weddings can be quite sultry and humid, it is a little difficult to don a heavily embellished wedding gown. Such wedding destinations are popular because you can do a lot of experimental looks as well, away from the conventions of a traditional wedding setup. So, you can even try a shorter length of a wedding dress without any heavy work and something that airy, light, and comfortable. Here we bring you a few sexy wedding dresses for the beach weddings that are hassle-free, easy-breezy, and can yet don you into a charming bride of all times. Take a look.

  • The Boho Bride on the Beach

Weddings always remind you of traditional cultures and rituals. But nowadays, times are changing. Gone are the days of traditional brides who turn up in a long ballroom-like gown with heavy embroidery or embellishments with an elaborate hairdo and accessories. On the other hand, the contemporary brides are more experimental, carefree, and want to mold traditions. And with the popularity of destination weddings, the bridal look is more dependent on the location than the conventions. If you are one such bride who is tying the knot on the beach, then you can pick a knee-length, simple yet elegant white dress with three-quarter sheer sleeves and lace work on it. The sheer fabric and the lace work on it can be further extended to the shoulders too reaching down just above the cleavage. Leave your hair loose and tie a wreath on the forehead to give it a bohemian appeal.

  • The Sensuous Bride by the Sultry Sea

Do you want to make the hot and humid beach setting even sultrier? Then, you can try your hands at being a sensuous bride. While keeping yourself cool and comfortable, you can raise the temperature on the D-day with your stunning, jaw-dropping look in a sensual bridal gown that is not conventionally long. You can pick a white high and low dress in chiffon, keeping to the dreamy, romantic, and easy-breezy beach theme which also makes you feel at ease. And for the neckline, you can opt for an off-shoulder style with a sweetheart neckline, giving a hint of your perfect cleavage. However, before donning this look, you should make sure that you have a perfect figure especially a petite upper half because your clavicles and arms will be exposed. And keeping the legs free, this high-low dress leaves a long trail at the back that sweeps the floor while you walk. Complete the look with a lovely hairdo and a bouquet of rosies in your hands. If you want, you can go bare feet, to further enhance the lousy feels at a beach.

So, if you want to try out these looks this wedding season, then quickly find the right place where you will get such astonishing collections of wedding dresses or bridesmaid gowns along with various other long and short homecoming dresses.

Author Bio: Sara Joseph, a fashion with many articles on long and short homecoming dresses, prom dresses, and bridesmaid dresses, here writes on 2 sexy wedding dresses for the beach that are not conventionally long.